Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vienna, Wien - Day two...

The original number 2 tram.
This used to do the route of the Ring Street only. there is a special  'Golden tram' for the tourists...Shame.

We walked the whole of the Ring street (Ringstraße) today. It's just over five kilometers around the centre of Vienna. We set off from our apartment, and headed over the canal to the first district. Actually, we cut through the centre towards the centre and headed towards the cathedral (Stefansdom) and then walked on to the ring street and around past all the landmarks.


We passed the KunstHistorischesMuseum,(Art & History museums opposite each other),

Parlament, the Rathaus (town hall) ( popped in briefly to check out film festival and food stands galore!) then, we crossed back over to go into Volksgarten - 

On the Hofburg grounds...more tourist transport.
( a wonderful public park, but also home to a secret club of yonder year ♪) and wondered casually through all of the Hofburg grounds. We were spoilt with the beauty. The buildings were tall, wide, clean and amazing!

Of course, every coffee was simply divine!
A few coffees later,and we were back on the Ring street walking back around town.

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