Monday, August 3, 2015

The Coleridge Walkway @ Porlock

The Coleridge walkway spreads over 51 miles through Somerset & Devon.

One of the towns on the walkway is Porlock where we visited. The walkway forms part of the South West Coastal path, all clearly signposted and making the longest walking trail in England. 
There is a mini museum with relics of days of yore, definitely worth a visit as it sets the scene for the area.

The marsh at Porlock beach is the main attraction and also an area of scientific interest. Take care as the tide comes in fully over the ridge and floods the marsh, but when the tide is out, you can walk far out on the shingles (bring solid walking shoes!)

The village of Porlock is quaint and boasts a famous steep hill of 1:4 gradient, one of the steepest hills in England (not to be taken lightly!) but more famous for its large shingle beach, and by shingles, we mean pebbles...BIG pebbles. 

The walk from the village to the beach is easy. Take the Sparkhayes road on the right at the 'Piggy in the middle' chip shop (which is very good by the way!) The beach is accessible by a clearly marked path (not the road, but the path) where you will pass sheep and horses and donkeys.

 Also famous in Porlock is the Weir and the harbour. It is a few miles along the marshes and the walkway with a selection of cottages offering a picturesque view, not much else, save a craft shop. There is ruin of an old house en route which I found to be of more interest and set the scene of times gone by and the famous writes and authors who may have trodden the same steps in their opiate haze.

Where we stayed - HUNTERS LODGE

A new B & B with two rooms available. One is pet free (60 pounds) and one you can stay with your dog (65 pounds) - a bargain if you ask me!

On arrival we were greeted with this cookies, which simply melted in our mouths and tea and coffee from Mileswhich is conveniently cased in the village should you want more.
Our main route was on the A39, which offers a simple, pleasant straight road across Somerset. Recommended routes would be through Exmoor Park, and then the Quantock hills, which even on a cloudy/rainy day is enjoyable.