Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vienna, Wien - Day five....

Assumption day!!!

...which, in a catholic country, means ....BANK HOLIDAY!!! ie, everything is shut...almost everything!

We made it to the Museumsquarter in the morning and went to the Leopolds Museum. the Exhibition was mostly of his letter with his wife's sisters as well as various very personal details about his lifestyle, and thus portraying him in a very different light to the painter of gold and exuberant colours. As a long time fan, I preferred not to know such things, although, I guess it helps understand where and why he painted like he did.

Museums Quarter
There were some other exhibitions on at the museum too, making well worth the visit, although if you take a rucksack, be warned you will have to carry it on your front (uncomfortable) for 'security' reasons...It is quite a tall museum of 5 or 6 floors...but you will get to see the bggest collection of works by Egon Schiele too, so try to forget the luggage, eh!


We were unable to head back to the shops (probably wise really!) but Ian was able to guide us back to the restaurant for yesterday's lunch (those pancakes..!). I had no idea where it was, but all I could recognise was fashion shop opposite!

Thank goodness for Ian!

All in all, Vienna will make you happy - from park life

     to ...tram life (got to be a geek, like me!)

to a good, green perspective on things
 (Ganz Wien bleibt clean - All of Vienna will stay clean)...

 to good food (not one single meal was under par!)

 and of course to good and great and wonderful and quirky art!


14 years ago, there was only the FLEX, now there are beach bars along the canal!
TEL AVIV  is very popular!
Awesome falafel at TEL AVIV BAR on the canal.
Kruder & Dorfmesiter's (& mine too!) old hangout!
There is endless day life, night life, colours, history, modernity and constant excitement and calm in this city.

In short, we love Vienna!

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