Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vienna, Wien - Day three


Keeping it simple today - we strolled towards the third district to KunstHausWien...the home of Hundertwasser's most famous creation.

Hundertwasser was an artist who thrived on colours. He was commissioned to do some of the buildings in Vienna (also famous is Spittelau, the incinerator in the 9th district).

However, it is this house, or rather, apartments that have made his name famous. The building houses regular, habited apartments. Hundertwasser decorated them all in some way, inside and out adding colour and greenery to an area that could have been demolished.He didn't even take payment for it. So, knowing that, it makes it even sadder to see how tourists are spiked for such simple beauties, but we were able to enjoy the architecture of the famous house and even saw a short movie showing the inside of the house. It was a great insight!

Sadly, he died in 2000, which was just a year after I had lived in Vienna and done my dissertation on his work.

Later in the afternoon, we hit Praterstern, the home of the permanent fun fair.

The famous Wiener Riesenrad (ferris wheel), a famous landmark of the city that can be recognised from movies such as The Third Man or Before Sunrise,  is the first thing to be seen. It's not so high, around 65 feet, but still, you will not catch me on it! Ferris wheels freak me out!

No rides this time, but hubby got some great shots!

A view of the Riesenrad & Stefansdom from a big wheel at the fair.

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