Sunday, June 29, 2014

Izu Peninsula - Shimoda - 2. South East.

BEACHES & WALKING ~ South & East (Nagetahama to Shirahama)

Beaches and walking

Perry Road, the landing spot of Mathew Perry and the originally harbour town opening up Japan to the rest of the world, is a quaint little walking spot with bars and restaurants. (Watch out on the menu though...I did see soft turtle shell paella on the menu at the Spanish restaurant...)

The aim was to just follow the coast as much as we could, even if the route looked a little sketchy.

In the end, it was just lovely. We were able to follow the road around where the land juts out a little.Unfortunately, this meant walking past the aquarium. Please don't visit!!!! See my Shimoda Aquarium blog for why!

My boat!

Soutoura Beach

Soutora beach is another lovely beach where you can chill, have kayaking classes and even walk along the rocks and the Mihogasaki coastline to get you closer to Shirahama beach!

Despite the open doors, the old lady shouted out 'Yasumi! (Day off!)
 when I asked for a Kakigori (crushed ice)!

  The Mihogosaki coastline is a wonderful time out from the bustle of the roads above. Watch families collecting seaweed from the rockpools as they picnic together! Very relaxing!


Back up to the road and you will need to walk a little further to hit the next main area where finally, the famed beach of Shirahama!

Shirahama Ohama Beach, South.
There are two main parts to Shimoda's White Beach. This is the first half is Shirahama Ohama...
The Tori gate at Shirahama beach.

Shirahama shrine was a lovely sight too. Having a shrine on the beach is even more serene than regular shrines!

We made an important wish while we were there...Let's hope it will come true!
Shirahama Chuo Beach north in front of the Prince hotel.

We had wanted to hike the whole coastline up to Izukogen (ready for the Jogasaki coast) but the road stopped about a half hour or hour out past Shirahama. In any case, when we stopped to ask for directions or at least find out where the bus went from , we got not only a ride to the next station, but a massive bag of....AMANATSU from the couple tending to their orchard!!!! Some people are just too lovely!!
Lovely amanatsu orchard!

Thank you for the ride to town and all those amanatsus!

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