Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Izu Peninsula - Shimoda - 1. South West.

BEACHES & WALKING ~ South & West (Nagetahama to Iritahama)

The Izu peninsula is a popular destination spot for many Tokyoites, although we were surprised that during this Golden Week holiday season, it was not too crowded at all!

Beaches and walking

Nabeta bay was our first stop on the southern tip. From there, we headed west towards Kisami and the popular surfing beaches.  It's a small bay with a lovely beach and rock walk for families, picnics, walking along the rocks. Pretty idyllic, really.

We didn't have a car, but really wanted to explore the west-side beaches everyone raved about so much. Kisami and its surf beaches, so we started walking.

One thing we noticed about the peninsula is the high level of English around. Everyone wanted to help and speak to us to offer tips, directions etc. Sooooo different from Tokyo!

The first hurdle, very shortly after the little hill up from Nabeta bay was the tunnel, but actually, there is a pathway, so we could continue without worry! (We must have looked concerned there for a second as someone stopped us in our tracks to help us!)

You can walk through it!
Nice little eatery with a surf shop opposite
In Kisami (the next area) there are a few amazing surf beaches. First, we hit Tatadohama beach (多多度浜)and Iritahama beach (入り田浜).
Maybe you don't want to use the showers at Tatadohama beach!

Tatadohama Beach


The tunnel between Iritahama and Tatadohama. 

Walking from Nagetahama to Kisami took a couple of hours overall, stopping to take pictures, check out surf shops and eat pizza! It's an easy walk which we undertook in the morning. Wish bicycles or a car, you could continue west and explore the beautiful Touji Beach (about an hour's walk from Nageta bay) or the heart shaped cave of Ryugukutsu. Other great beaches to include are Yumigahama and Hirozo...maybe next time! West is best..maybe, but we headed EAST! More soon!

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