Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The breathtaking Jogasaki Coastline! ((lots of pictures!!))

We walked from our hotel towards the coastline. It was all fairly well signposted; the streets were empty because  of the rain!

The Jogasaki coastline runs between Izukogen station and Jogasaki station. We had read about it on some other travel blogs and were definitely inspired to go see it.

Formed by a volcanic eruption over 4000 years ago, the Jogasaki coastline is a rugged and stunning setting for hikes.

We headed left towards to the suspension bridge first of all.
We started our course at the
Izu Shiki no Hana Park.

We stopped for a coffee first before assessing our chances but we figured we had to try the walks in case we were never in this region.

From this parking lot, it was a short walk north to the Kadowaki lighthouse and a little further on is the suspension bridge.

The forest path run more or less parallel to the regular path and is much more pleasant to tread on.

The walk itself is about 5km in total and well worth it. The views, the air, the sheer feeling of being out on the edge of the coastline is amazing and unrivalled! Perhaps aim for a drier and even sunnier day than we did, but I do feel that our adventure was enhanced by the rain.

As soon as we hit the edge, the views for astounding. The colour of the water, the damp air, the surrounding forests, it was so refreshing!

There's little need for me to write much more - the pictures really do speak for themselves, so please enjoy!

There is a note at the end of the post about travel to access the Jogasaki coast.


Don't look down!

You can plan out your walk

On a clear day you can see the islands ahead

Always good to know just how far you still have to go!

These are some of the websites that helped us and inspired us to go to Jogasaki!! Thank you :)

Heading up to Jogasaki station....with the Amanatsu!


Please read -

We travelled back from Shimoda to Izu Kogen on the special Black Ship train!

If you are travelling from Tokyo station, routes available are: 

Tokyo direct to Izukogen. There are two trains, one express (95minutes) which is slightly more expensive (around ¥6,000) and a limited express which takes about 2 hours and costs about ¥5,000

If you have time but not money on your hands, take the Tokkaido Line and change at Atami for Ito and then change once again for Izukyu Line to Izukogem. This will take about 3 hours but cost around ¥3,000.

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