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Miykojima / Miyako Island



Miyako is gorgeous! It is a small island located a 40 minute flight away from Okinawa. To be honest, there is little to actually 'do' inland, hence this blog is mostly pictures of FOOD! But, you are treated to a delightful range of resorts, beaches and water activities, so, beach-side, your day is a busy one!. In season, it is HOT and packed. We were fortunate enough to catch it just before the main season began (Spring break), but the weather was lovely, the water was the best I have ever seen and some of the snorkelling was right there waiting for you directly on the coast!

RESORTS - There are a few decent resorts on the island and it is worth paying extra for a simple, o-worry vacation. 

THE TOKYU RESORT caters well for families and has direct access to MAEHAMA beach. They offer water activities too as well as restaurants and shops. They have a number of putting parks for golf and even a fruit garden.

HOTEL BREEZE BAY MARINA - Located on the southern part of the island, this hotel resort has access to the German culture village (!) as well as it's own food and shopping village where you can eat for a reasonable price and see live performances each night and even get lots of souvenir shopping done! There is no direct beach, although you can walk along the paths to reach the glass bottom boat and then small beach areas.

SHIGARA RESORT - This resort is spread out on a larger area and offers a full beauty salon service, golf and electronic carting/skateboarding activities overlooking the sea. There are also many restaurants on Shigara site including a very sublime pizzeria - would totally recommend!

Of course, there are plenty pensions and apartments where you can have a much more free lifestyle. There are shops in Harara, the main town where you can buy food or, there are many small restaurants scattered all over the island. Many people rent cars, or even quad bikes to roam around the island as well as the adjoining islands of Kurima and Ikema. There is a MIYAKO ISLAND magazine that you will find anywhere and it will be your bible for the trip. Everything from diving, driving, souvenirs, food...etc (lots of pictures too)  is in there so you cannot go wrong.


SUNAYAMA BEACH - A small beach situated on the west of the island. There is a parking lot that offers showers and toilets, then there is a small hike to the beach itself. Well worth the trip.

YOSHINO BEACH - The rain was coming in, but it didn't stop anyone!

YOSHINO BEACH - If you like snorkelling and diving, then this is the ultimate beach for you. On the east coast of the island, there is plenty of coral and sea life to amaze you. Watch out for the stone fish! 


MAEHAMA BEACH - deemed one of the best in the world!!! Yes, really! I didn't believe it until I saw it! 
The sand is perfect and the colours of the water are magical.
You can take boats out to see the fish, to snorkel or you can wade in the clear water by yourself. It is simply beautiful.


                           Miyako delights
On a pack of cookies - 'I went to Miyako island'
For a small island, you can eat really well. there are sugar cane plantations everywhere, so, naturally, you can expect to see many sweet souvenirs, ranging from plain brown sugar to just about anything coated in brown sugar. I'm looking forward to making brown sugar bread with the bag we bought for ourselves!

Typical souvenirs from the island - mostly coated with BROWN SUGAR !!!

Miyako beef & Miyako noodles

There must be farms on the island for they pride themselves for the beef.
Guava juice
And, there is fruit aplenty - dragon fruit, mango, guava, sweet Miyako bananas ... ....DIVINE!
Dragon fruit juice

Island spices!!

Scallions grown on the island.

Jasmine tea is very popular.
Taco pizza & Goya pizza!

Sugar cane, sweet potato and mango flavours are typical of the island.
Awamori by the pool
You are allowed to taste before you buy and there is even a popularity ranking!
 Awamori is the alcoholic drink made in Okinawa and the rest of the south. It is a lot stronger than the regular Sake and should be drunk with water and even fruit juice - I wish we had known this when we were tasting them at the shop!!
I'll have a VAT of Awamori please!!! 

Brown sugar cappucino
And a little tip for you and a reminder for me - There was one super lovely cafe, near Sunayama beach, where the vibe was mellow, the layout simple and the food delectable.  Do be sure to visit!

Coconut curry

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