Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's never a good sign when the first flight to your holidays is delayed, especially without reason, but when the check-in is closed 'indefinitely', it is hard to not let your heart sink and and lose faith altogether.

However, the flight was held back for just two hours, reasons unknown, perhaps better not known. We set off for the three hour journey to Okinawa, Japan's largest island in the south.
So DIY, So easy!
Check-in is simple enough. We had bought the tickets on-line and received a bar code form the ever so convenient, convenience store. A quick swipe of the bar code and we have luggage labels. Magic. Even better is to takkyubin the bags down there, something I forgot about until the return. Then you can travel super light!

We were taken by bus to the plane and because of the delay, we had a slightly longer than normal drive to the cargo terminal of Nairta airport (!).

You could tell by the location of the parking for the plane and the bright orange uniforms (think EasyJet) that this was a basic airline carrier, but, on the plane, I cast all my judgements aside.

The plane was clean, neat and, according to by tall husband, had more leg room than a regular trans-Atlantic flight.

Nice views from the plane!
Landing in Okinawa was no problem, although the crew seemed to expect a lot more turbulence than there was. We all buckled up, but the cloudy weather in Okinawa had no effect on our plane.

Equally as impressive was the short, 40 minute flight to MiyakoJima, a smaller, even more tropical style island. The plane was smaller but the leg room, the service and the flight itself were all very pleasant too.

Drinks are served at an extra cost, but you are not ripped off at all. Everything is 100yen, so you really can relax and enjoy the flight.

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