Sunday, January 8, 2012

INDO DIARIES 2010 - 28th July

Pool side aggression never made any sense to me. Yet, you see it all over. I was sat next to an empty chair and as someone went to sit down, I pointed out it was already taken. They responded with attitude 'I don't see anything there'. As we swam, some people hovered over what must have been not enough empty chairs for their group. Perhaps I had ruined their plan to take over the side of the pool. Who cares? We enjoyed the swim and moved on pretty quickly. New villas today.

By the time we moved the luggage out of the room, the group had taken the corner over - shame the sun was no longer shining there for them.

At the Ari Puri villas we would have access to two peaceful pools, a private garden and our own outdoor bathroom and kitchen. Time to stock up on goodies and enjoy the quiet life.

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