Sunday, January 8, 2012

INDO DIARIES 2010 - The last days

In our final days in Bali, we found our pure Zen. Walks along the quiet beach of Sanur turned into the pleasurable hunt for more avocado juices and not a desperate hunt for an escape route.

Still in love with these bikes!

We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at the apartment, but eating out is so cheap and varied too that it is almost not worth stocking up the fridge!
The kitchen in the garden apartment

The veranda

Back in Ubud - More music
The owner of the hotel even took us back to Ubud with so much less hassle than the previous  journey. 
Travelling in style? Slightly overweight!!
 We left Bali with a lot of extra luggage! But we now have most of a gamelan orchestra here at home! Indonesia is a fascinating discovery each time. We have already been back to Bali once since this blog and are planning the next trip for 2012¬!

Endless travels!

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