Sunday, December 18, 2011

INDO DIARIES 2010 - 27th July

Somehow, we opened our eyes after barely an hour of shut eye.

We had a plan to go to the hotel around the corner where we had inquired on Sunday.

We ran out of the hotel at 7.30 and I turned left instead to the villas where we were due the next day and I practically begged them to take us! Silly me!

Then the first hotel round the corner, Ari Puri, had one room available, right by the pool as well! All we had to do was move in! It took us two rushed trips and we were gone!

We were able to have breakfast there too, although we looked like we had just arrived from the jungle!

Catching up on sleep, grub and swims, we felt so much better.

The best discovery was the Swedish cafe up the road (which has become a pure favourite!). Life, with meatballs, is good once again!!

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