Saturday, October 1, 2011

INDO DIARIES 2010 - Saturday 18th July

Apparently we were both dramatically disturbed by the call to prayer (4.30am) but I must have passed out fast afterwards, for I have no recollection, but I still felt tired when I woke up.

Ian had a sore throat - not a good way to start the day, so I went down to the hotel shop for him. I was given some Vit C tablets and then a sachet. Now, this sachet is simply AMAZING. I think I write about it again later on in this trip and I know that it came in hand this year back in Bali.
 Now, I sincerely advise anyone feeling slightly off colour to go and find it at the drug store! There are different types but they contain such goodness as ginseng and honey and herbs that make you feel 'zing' afterwards.

Got to admit, I do like processed cheese! (so wrong)
Breakfast was pleasant enough - an average omlette on crappy white bread, accompanied by some pastries and Indo buffet. A few hits later and we were back in bed watching a movie!

By lunchtime, we made it out to the pool and I wrote and ate!

At least the diary is up to date and my tummy full!

Now, we are thinking what the next main move should be?

Yogyakarta was far (9-10 hours plus 800 000IDR with a driver), but at least that beat travelling by public bus. There were sadly no flights from Malang, so that option was out. But, as much as we want(ed) to go there, it wasn't quite the vibe we needed.

Neither was Jakarta.

Perhaps staying in East Java was better.

The food that night was appalling. Thankfully we had stocked up at lunch for the things on offer made us wretch. The spaghetti bolognese had sugar in it? The French fries were the only edible things there.

And then, some crazy music kicked it along with the headaches, so we shuffled off 'home' and thought more abut the next adventures....

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