Monday, October 17, 2011

INDO DIARIES 2010 - Monday 19th July

Bye Bye Kartika Wijaya
Check out day and time to re-install back in Malang at Enny's.

We had a chance to speak to a representative of a new housing development in the area too. East Java had a big tourist campaign in action for 2011 and there were various apartment blocks and housing complexes being built very quickly around the outside of the city.

We thought we would have a look just to see what kind of stuff is out there. To be honest, I would love to live in Indonesia one day, or own property, but I think that is still a distant dream.

We went via Songoriti so we could get more glockenspiels; the one we had bought was lonely, and Ian was sad for it!

Back in Malang, we hit a pizza joint and felt uber satisfied!

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