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INDO DIARIES 2010 - Tuesday 20th July

After one of the best, most comfortable night's sleeps ever, we woke up to a lovely Enny's breakfast with delightful brown bread.

With no idea what to do with our time in Malang, let alone the day ahead, we filled out tummies and sipped on the great coffee.

Malang is a city that doesn't have so much on offer, but the surrounding areas make it well worth basing yoursefl there. 

We knew we wanted temples, ; we knew we wanted Bromo; we knew that, if possible, we wanted to head south to the fishing beaches too and Sempu island.

Suddenly, the plan came together before we could even think it. Enny's supplied drivers for the day - 50 000IDR per hour...minimum 3 hours! 

Yes, we had it....a 1am trip to Bromo later that evening, which meant we needed to sleep later today, but, without wasting the day, we had the same driver for the morning ahead.

Our first stop with our driver was a jewellery store. We had thought that if we could find matching wedding rings (this was kind of our honeymoon), it would make for an awesome souvenir of the trip, not to mention a great memory for the marriage.

Within a second of being in the small shop, we had found the bands. Unreal. They were beautiful, simple but perfect bands. We got them fitted and ordered an engraving too. Of course, I found plenty more pieces of jewellery that I loved, but settled for just an extra ring for the collection.

The owner of the store showed us the workshop at the back. It was so special to see the six workers in action. I had never seen anything like it. It was so unique and I genuinely felt that we had been blessed to know out rings were hand-made for us! We had to wait one day to collect them...impatiently!

Candi Kiddi 
Candi Kiddi

Candi Jajaghu

Candi Jajaghu
We were then treated to one of the best journeys of the trip. 4 amazing temples, scattered from the north, to the east and south east. Each temple dates back to the 13th century and one of them (candi jajaghu) was over 1200m high! The view of the village down below and its colours were breathtakingly astounding, in particular the coconut trees.

scenic journey!

cattle market en route to Candi Jajaghu
the view from candi Jajaghu

cute houses on the road

Candi Singhosari

Candi Singhosari
Candi Badut

Candi Badut

Our wonderful driver saying a prayer at Candi Badut

I said it a million times (and still do)  - this country is amazing! Every day is a discovery!

a tree!

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