Sunday, July 3, 2011

KALAWEIT , Indonesia, 2nd January 2011

Today should be the big trip into town. Adam and I are very excited because we can stock up on goodies, mostly food related!

But, it's also sad because Sophie and Jean-Pierre return to France tomorrow, so they must fly to Jakarta today.

We all packed into the boat, rucksacks and many people......................

                                    ..................................And what a great day it was!!!

First, we had to disembark half way. The journey was taking twice as long, given the weight in the boat. We reached a village on the riverside and then sent Sophie & Jean-Paul on their way so that they could make their plane. We were to wait for the truck to collect us.

Bon voyage!

 We walked around looking for the 'shop', where we found some tea. And then, as if like a wildfire, the word had spread amongst the residents and, suddenly, the whole neighbourhood was out to look at us and talk with us. There were so many kids and not one of them was shy, well not the boys anyway. Within seconds, they were throwing themselves into the water in a display of energy and vibrancy. Some of them even spoke English, counting to ten before the big plunge.

We took so many photographs together, the boys acting like superstars and the girls just staring. A stray cat without a tail went by, but I had some cat food already (for the cats at the harbour). And some chickens ran in the street.

And then the truck came for us. The road to Palankgya Raya was a rocky one. We crossed a number of rickety bridges. Even on the small roads, we still had to make space for scooters.

It might have been bumpy and Ayung was bouncing around on my lap, but it was still a wonderful chance to see the riverside villages.

Outside one house, a mother and her daughter were collecting rambutan from a tree outside.One old lady was walking down to the river with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth!

When we eventually hit the main road, the traffic was mad; scooters overloaded with families filled the streets and cars veered in and out again and again.

We went straight to the Kalaweit offices, checked emails, bought t-shirts and then we were lucky enough to pop over to the Kalaweit Radio station.

It was so great to see the inside of something so wonderful. Kalaweit Radio reaches out across Kalimantan to spread the music and to spread the word of the gibbon rescue. Thanks to the radio, so many people know who to call when they see an animal in distress and they can be rescued and cared for.

We hit the shops for a quick spree on cookies and chocolates.

We got a great lunch and then headed back home on the boat.

Back at camp, there was just time to feed the gibbons and then hit the sack, pooped!

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  1. How interesting. Your life's so different from mine! Love the pic of the boy jumping sideways.