Sunday, June 26, 2011

KALAWEIT , Indonesia, New Year's Day 2010


7.15 here, midnight in the the UK, hangover time in Japan!

I had my 3rd restless night...A couple of times I had to rise in the night. I wouldn't mind so much but the spider was sat right next to the toilet! Aaarg! And a cockraoch on the door on my return....I need to overcome my fear!

After some noodles for breakfast, I was back on track! We think that I might have used the wrong water to brush my teeth, hence the dodgy tummy.


Oh my goodness - just went for 'berenang'!! We took a dip in the Borneo river and went swimming. We sawm to the middle and if you can imagine looking around at the Borneo jungle in the middle of a river 4 or 4 times wider then the Thames (or more)...WOW!! It felt more than good, a kind of raison d'etre, if you will, topping off an already ultimate cerise sur la gateau!


12pm - DRAMA ON CAMP!!! It was feeding time, and one of the staff members announced that a gibbon had escaped!!! I had no idea what it would entail, so when I finished up with Tongki, I went to have a peek, by which point, Bolang, the said escapee, had been caught in a net and was being put in a cage. He had pulled apart the wiring on his own cage, proving that they were not infallible, even though they look pretty sturdy. Bolang's arms reached out of the cage a few times, grabbing at the branches, almost toppling himself. He is quite aggressive.

Watching the scene and thinking how great Nanto, the vet was, I was reminded that I could never take on something like that. As much as I love helping the animals in need, the scary ones are just that - scary!

Nanto had to fix the top of the cage as well as the side. Bolang was strong to escape, but thankfully, is safe in his cage once again! Phew.


Nap tap was viciously interrupted with wails from Ayung, the cook's son. He had been playing with the birds when there was a sudden thud, and shriek! We all heard it and feared the worst. His foot had slipped through some damp wood but was more in shock than in pain. He was crying quite loudly and was happy to receive a Japanese Shippu (cold compress) on his leg.

4pm feeding time! Fun at the fair....I was cornered by the maribu and spent a fair bit of time running forwards and backwards thinking I could out-smart him! I failed and Jean-Pierre had to distract him so I could escape! Thank heavens! Sadly, he and Sophie are leaving tomorrow, so no more rescues!

Back at camp, entertainment was provided by the big sun bear. She was levering on a very insecure tree and bouncing back and forth. It should have snapped, but somehow she was lucky and it didn't. She was determined to reach something on another branch and seemed to not want to give up. Bless her perseverance!

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