Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KALAWEIT , Indonesia, New Year's Eve 2009

Still feeling a little bit icky - sleep was interrupted at midnight again, then 4am too. Ugh.

Then, people were outside chatting and working and then before long, the whole camp was awake. Turns out they were loading  up a big boat with the cages they had been taking down. The journey up north had started.

I think it's going to be a lazy day today. My tummy aches, I just want to rest; it feels like a Sunday. It was raining a bit when we all woke up.

6am - Feeding time was quite straight forward. Tongki likes my glasses! He had a play with them and my hair too, as I reached in the cage to clean his poo.

The old maribu
Just woke up from a nap! It's 11am.

Hanging out the laundry

We went through the two camps earlier handing out eggs earlier, clearly too much exercise for one day!

The new volunteers arrived too, another French couple, Pauline and Frederic. Welcome to camp!!


It's 8.30pm and I am ready for sleep, but Kill Bill is the film of the night, so we are staying up 'late' to watch it.

No doubt, we will be asleep when the Indonesian clocks chime, but we will be able to do the Japanese New Year in 1.5 hours (we missed Oz), then at 6am tomorrw, we can do the French New Year and 7am, England!

I can't wait to make contact with home (all homes!) , but am still loving the gibbons and the peace!

I have decided that I want to help a lot more with Kalaweit and the people here. One Hapatitis B shot is 400 000 Rupiah. Apparently, that is half a salary here (I am guessing one month..), but workers for kalaweit need 3 of these shots....

Burning garbage
It just goes to show how much help and support Kalaweit needs. You can become a friend with a small donation a month.

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