Saturday, July 9, 2011

KALAWEIT , Indonesia, 4th January 2011 - boat ride

I can't believe it is my last full day today.....

I woke in the night and heard lots of strange noises. I heard a gibbon shrill, so was convinced it was around 4am, but it wasn't. It was 2am. When I checked the time, I wondered if it was the escapee.

Then I could hear scratching; I thought it to be the rat, and then the gecko, the then beds creaked and the snoring.....Nevertheless, I still had to go for a pee!

When the gibbons did start their shrill, it was early and loud. There had been no rain, so the creatures started early with their song.

Tongki's last full feeding day today and I almost missed breakfast because I went back to sleep!  The little beggar bit my shoulder as I grabbed his big poo. Cheeky blighter.

I went off with the guys for the morning feed. I was even more surprised to see that the levels of water were higher, even higher than yesterday. The island collects the water from the river easily, so the levels can get really high, even without rain. It was good to feed the gibbons, I might not be able to do it tomorrow if there is more water.

1015 - WOW.
Adam and I have just returned from an amazing, ultimate boat journey. Coleman and one of the other Kalaweit staff took us out on their own boats. What an experience. These boats are so solid, but so low to the water that when you wobble you really do think you are going in.

We went through the jungle and the scenery was simply astounding.

Going through the beautiful forest
Where are the trees?

Heading home

The colours were amazing. The greens, light and dark. There were trees on one side, then a vast opening on another. There had been a fire a few years back.

We parked up by a watch tower and sat at the top of the tower in pure silence for half an hour or so. We sat in pure silence and it was pure bliss.

Me with the gang
The Kalaweit team

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