Friday, June 21, 2013

Kobe 3- Kobe city & -Mount Rokku mountain cable car

 We found Kobe to be surprisingly international - more so than Tokyo in the sense that everything was just EASIER to access!
Maybe this is an old age thing to consider, but, having a German beer festival at the port, which is just ten minutes away from a Belgium bar in the centre was a delight! Of course port towns are national more international or open to other cultures, but Kobe was even more refreshing than Yokohama, a city it is often compared to (and one I also love...although now not as much!! ha ha)

Mount Rokko is accessible on foot from the main station, although if you do take the subway, you can get to the cable car from Shin Kobe very easily indeed.
We chose to do the evening cable car ride as it comes highly recommended and is on one of the 'top ten' lists in Japan...HOWEVER, we wish we had gone by day as the herb garden looked a thrill!! We loved the lights and the view of the harbour, but we saw the same thing from our plane the next day!! So, apparently there was a waterfall to be seen as well...
We shall be back!!

We bought some wonderful fresh teas and the most amazing dried lavender which made the entire journey home smell yummy!

The view of the harbour (not a great shot!)
The herb garden!

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