Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Kobe 2 - Takarazuka - OSAMU TEZUKA

Kobe is a wonderful, lovely port city, with a lot on offer. Despite travelling down from the vibrant capital of Tokyo, I found Kobe to be so much more international with bars and festivals and restaurants a-plenty to welcome us back to Europe ,...almost!

However, on one of our days there, we decided to leave the main hub of the city and set out to the green suburbs where the amazingly creative Osamu Tezuka was brought up.

A short ride on the train from Kobe main station and you are at Takarazuka. At the station, you can get a small, but perfectly (hand)written little map which directs you ever so carefully to the museum.


As you walk down the hana-michi (so reads the sign above), you will pass the theatre too, which means that culture in this little area is rife.

Follow the map carefully, and you are left with no doubt of your arrival at, for me, one of the most exciting destinations ever!! 

The man himself!

Got my stamp...of course!
Inside the museum, as you would expect are many delights from Osamu's creations. There are original comics locked away , but ever so cute to stare at...


Even the coffee came in a cute cup and the spoons were available to buy as well.

This was by far my favourite! The ceiling of the museum as we left!! Simply glorious!

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  1. Tezuka was such a remarkable man. I went to a lecture on him once and couldn't believe how talented he was.