Monday, August 15, 2011

INDO Diaries 2010. Monday 5th July - Getting to P-WEC

Back in Indonesia!!

It took a long while for my bags to come through at customs. A drier was waiting for me, holding a piece of paper with just my name (I had told that Pro Fauna would be written on it, but I went nonetheless).

On the way to the car, we met a lady. She was wearing a light blue bhurka, but didn't speak any English. Her presence alone reassured me somewhat. Sadly, when I said the words 'Pro Fauna' to her and she simply replied with 'Malang', (a city a few hours from the recently arrived at Surabaya), my reassurance was lost again.

We stopped at a roadside cafe and the driver bought us some snacks. I was more anxious to get to the destination.

We had a 3 hour journey ahead. The streets were busy. Some of the roads not even ready to be roads yet.

Malang is not a city lacking of entertainment, it seems. As we drove through the streets by dusk, lights form the karaoke parlours were guiding us.

There were even quite a few internet cafes. Java is much more developed than Borneo.

We stopped at a taxi rank, where the lady got out. I decided to check in with my volunteer co ordinator as to me and my journey, and, as arranged, he was to drive me straight through.

This would have worked out well, had he known exactly where he was going. We spent an extra half an hour stopping and starting. I was calm enough, but I was watching the service dip in and out on my phone. The driver continued to ask confused people in the street.

I finally got hold of Atik, the volunteer co ordinator, who was able to speak to the driver (Japanese phone to Indonesian phone, I might add.)

When we did arrive, outside some huts in the darkness, the driver not surprisingly, wanted rid of me.

Now, while I knew that people would (should) be there to collect me, and maybe they were on  their way, I refused to be alone. But, soon enough, much to driver's happiness, he was released!

I was led up many stairs, tipping over from tired legs to the volunteer huts.

It was now 1am, JST and I was tired.

Even though this was the room, I quickly passed out.

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