Tuesday, August 30, 2011

INDO DIARIES 2010 - Friday 8th July

Ian arrives today!!!

And, so that I am able to go and meet him, today is my 'day off'. I literally have nothing to do all day but read and write.

I just discovered a totally green area just behind the education centre.

I carefully placed my throw on a raised bit, so I could sit, legs dangling, taking in the sights, sounds, smells and just observe.

The only problem is that if you are at one with nature, then nature is at one, or, in this case, at war, with me.

With just a few words on my note pad, I had to flee. There was a group of ants invading my leg and they were ready to attack!

Now, I am perched in the blazing sunshine, burning my bottom.

The weather here is strange; the mornings are so very cool, maybe even misty and cloudy, but by 9am, it starts to heat up for the day.

Back to the secret field. You approach it from the education area, which is a small wooden band-stand-style hut.There are banners displaying information about primates, some showing information, some just pictures.

Then, there are steps to a secluded bungalow, with a few more steps that lead you to the the rectangular field. (I was later told that it was the P wec camping ground).

In a mere ten minutes, I have seen 4 different types of butterflies, an ant as big as my fingernail, a thick and heavily woven spider's web. There are so many species of plants and flowers, with leaves like no other, some longer than myleg, some open like my hand (but with more fingers), some bushy, some prickly.

I can hear thunder grumbling in the distance, but I am sure it is so far that we are not to expect a storm, not now that a gentle breeze is blowing the withered leaves on the ground, making them rustle.


We are driving from P wec to Surabaya (3 hours by car, without traffic). We passed through the city of Malang, as well as many villages and factories. The traffic is insane, but my driver is not afraid to honk his horn, nor overtake each vehicle.

I saw one tobacco adverts with the words 'Smart, Sophisticated' (Swrya Slims) and 'fashionable' on another. Could you glamorise this deathly habit any more?> Ugh


Train travel in Indo could be an experience...
Porong - It's like a 'must-see' spot, now
We hit an area called Porong. My driver explained to me that four years ago, there was an explosion in the ground and mud basically came out. Apparently, it never stopped coming out, and there is a huge mud pond. Traffic reduces to one lane, and movement is slow.



Harry, his wife, & I
We had to drop some things off at Harry's house first, just outside Surabaya. What a great time, we had, drinking tea and chatting about all his travels! He showed me many different styles of knives from Indonesia too!

After 9 hours on the road, Ian and I reached P wec, exhausted from the road travel.

The volunteer experience was about to truly begin....Or was it?

We were about to learn a thing or two within the next few days....


  1. What an interesting place. Don't like the sound of the ants, for sure - just as well they weren't spiders, or poisonous ants! sounds like you are having such an interesting time.

  2. Thanks Jenny! This was last year sadly, and not now :(

    There will be more soon,!

  3. Fascinating post. Wasn't sure whether to envy you or not!