Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KALAWEIT, Indonesia - Boxing day!!! (Hampapak)

I woke up at 5am today to the fantastic sound of the gibbon, just as I had been promised! Their shrill started off quietly with high pitched modulation. It did eventually get quite loud, at which point, it was time to get up, but it was amazing to just simply lie there and listen. adding to the soundtrack of the forest were crickets, birds and, apparently, a gecko. I did spot a small lizard like creature on the wall, but I had no idea they made such a noise, ''Ge-cko, Ge-cko'' as Adam told me.

There was also the clambering on the roof form the horn bill, rather amusing to say the least, although at first, I was a bit startled, not realisin
g what it was!

I write this from the speedboat again. I decided to go on the weekly trip ''to town''. Even though, I only go there yesterday, it's a good chance to see Palangka Raya. The gibbons will have me the rest of the time.

(6am) Morning feeding is at 6am every day. I fed TONGKIKI (Tongki)again♥. He
was just as adorable today, although, he did try to bite me as I got his poo!!! He also played with my hair and tried to eat the toilet roll...! (thankfully pre-poo...!) But, what a cutie!

He was eating from my hand or picking the food with his own hand from mine. And, he knows what he likes; he will turn his head away when he has had too much banana and he can totally hint at when he wants more lempak (lychee-like fruit).

Here is a glimpse inside the clinic - Meet Tongki & Manisa!
At 7am, the staff went to feed the other gibbons at camp, but that is when I decided to jump aboard the speed boat!

I am certainly enjoying the journey so much more than yesterday; there is no uncertainty of wondering where I am and I am therefore much more appreciative of the endless beauty around me.


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