Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KALAWEIT, Indonesia,- 23 Dec 2009 (on the plane)

The gibbon adventure begins.....(on the plane)

Last Monday, I was told that Borneo was flooded. It sent shivers down my spine, made me scared, but only because I thought the news was hinting at me cancelling the trip. Proof enough that this trip means so much to me.

For years, I have dreamt of heading to the Borneo jungle to experience a life like no other. I wanted to study the orangutans and come face to face with these 'people of the forest'.

Finally, at least 7 or 8 years, (or even more) since my first revelation, I found a volunteer project that wasn't huge, nor commercial, like so many others and didn't want to rob me blind. But, this charity wasn't for orangutans. It was for another ape, the lesser ape, the GIBBON!

I have to admit that I hardly knew what a gibbon was at first and I was interested in getting to Borneo. But now, months on from finding KALAWEIT,the gibbons rescue programme, I am all about these little round-faced creatures.

So, today, I am on board a plane to Singapore, then another to Jakarta, then, on Christmas day, one more plane (hopefully not propeller!) to my final destination --BORNEO!!

Since the news of the floods, I have, with the help of friends, been doing more research into my destination. Borneo should be fine, save the weather, but I must first spend two nights in Jakarta, a politically unsafe city, where general travel advice is against going it alone (for girls), not trusting most taxi drivers (check the metre really is working etc) and even fake immigration officers (!)

To say that I wasn't shitting it over the past few days would be lying. I knew that I must be very careful and cautious. My hotel is booked, I know what taxi to take and I know not to leave mt hotel to wander around at night.

So, filled with excitement, a few nerves and general loved-up giddiness, I embark upon this amazing, magical, dream-come-true adventure!

Salamat Jalan!

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