Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KALAWEIT, Indonesia - 23 Dec 2009 (at the hotel)


If I were to be honest, I had TheFear and I could not visualise this happening! But, thankfully, my overactive imagination failed me. Jakarta airport was busier than I had imagined. There were trolley attendants everywhere 'willing to help'. I just knew to focus and not trust anyone. The guy next to me had started up a conversation as we got off the plane. When I tried to check about the taxi situation, him telling me he always had a driver wasn't totally reassuring. But the taxi counters were there and I ordered my bluebird taxi, thankfully avoiding any imposters.

The journey went smoothly. Thankfully, I was entertained with emails from England, but I realised too how alone I was and, in a country like Indonesia, it made me feel quite vulnerable and I shall be glad to get to Borneo to meet the others.

We drove through the brightly lit city centre and then through a quasi-shanty town.. Food stalls covered the curbs of the streets. many people, predominantly men, were hanging outside, chatting and smoking. One open shop front had a television set that a few guys were watching with their chairs on the pavement. It was good to see, somehow heartwarming, yet, I was glad to be inside, even if the temperature was Baltic inside (outside was 27 degrees)

Yeah, it feels strange to be in a city like this, alone.

I feel safe now in the hotel and I am looking forward to daylight tomorrow so I can explore somewhat.

Location:Jakarta, Indonesia.

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