Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hatsushima Island, 初島

What a discovery lay before us! 

Hatsushima is a small island, with one hotel (GRAND XIV), a harbour hangout for fishermen, small fish restaurants, seafood BBQ restaurant, a diving centre, an onsen and a swimming pool (to be found at the 'Island resort'). As if all this wasn't enough, there is an adventure park for the more active amongst you, and a park where you pay 800 to enter, but you can eat, drink and sleep in the hammocks provided! If you have any energy, you can wander around the tropical gardens and admire the flowers and plants, or even steal some aloe vera for your sunburn (!).
aloe vera

When the boat docks, the first thing you see is kakigori - crushed ice. This is always a summer must, so we DID!
Strolling around the west of the island, you will walk past some eateries. they all have fresh seafood, although some of their fishing methods are questionable given the fish hook injury we saw on one (large) fish (in a tank way too small.)

This is, in short, a welcomed paradise to be found from the seaside resort town of Atami. Guaranteed, you will be feeling a LOT more mellow after a few hours here!!

We were unable to experience the onsen because a) it was HOT and b) we have tattoos! This also meant we couldn't go in the pool BUT, if you cover up with a rash guard you are able to use the public pool - good to know if you are out with your families.

pad thai
We found the park, willingly paid our 800yen and lazed around in the sun eating snacks and drinking delicious beer!
banana haru maki with ice cream!
no booze!!

There is a reduction ticket you can buy for 
boat + onsen
boat + pool
boat + onsen + pool

I didn't see one for boat + park, but maybe we could have save 10yen! lol


There was a random little supermarket and the main and best souvenir I could find from the small, small island was the wine - small bottle priced at 950 yen, perhaps not worth it, but I shall never know! I didn't invest! :)

Hatsushima was an amazing surprise discovery! We really relaxed and found a little bit of the tropical and a little bit of the green wilderness that we love and need so much!!

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