Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mount Fuji! 富士山!The Descent!

This was not going to be pleasant! Although, at this point, I had Nooooooo idea just how bad it would be!!

Thankfully, because we were booked on such a wonderfully organised tour, we had breakfast waiting for us back at 8th station (where you were also allowed to leaved some of your luggage/equipment/ clothes etc if you really needed to).

Bonnie had told me it was a rocky road down ....It  really was. The path down was steep and seemingly endless. Even my special wooden stick couldn't really help my knee joints. It was a case of buckling up and going for it. Many people fell over too, such was the haste to get the pain over with, but the advice was to be careful and not to go so fast that you could cause injury.
I wasn't so camera friendly during this downward journey - I wasn't very friendly either! By the tie we reached the bottom, I had collected dirt and gravel all over! BUT - it was all worth it and at the bottom, we got our reward! 


With our guides!

Climbing Moutn Fuji was the most amazing experience ever! One of the best decisions was to join a well organised tour group. Not only did they look after us during the climb, but they took us to a lovely onsen restaurant with a great view of our own accomplishment!

Sunset back in Saitama!

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