Thursday, November 3, 2011

INDO DIARIES 2010 - 21st July - Malang

Still feeling tired from the excursion to the mountain, we pottered about wondering what we should do today.

We needed to collect the rings - we had asked for them to be engraved.

We remembered 'Millionaires Drive' from this morning. It's a street where the houses are plush and apparently, the people too.Maybe we would visit that later.

Jum recommended some music stores; Ian had a craving, so we headed out.

We got the rings quickly enough. Looking lovely save the typo - Ian was not 'Ian' but 'I an'. The space was significant, but not enough for us to change it. It was a unique reminder of Malang and made for a good little story.

We landed in Pesar Besar, a market street. There were no music stores in sight, but there was an ATM with a  policeman guarding it. His massive machine gun was somewhat disturbing, but the fact that he was smoking a cigarette somehow took the edge off.

Both the policeman and the security guard were more than helpful when we asked about music stores, but we still couldn't find any! Perhaps we were being dumb, or perhaps we all had different ideas of music...?

We did discover a 'Holland Bakery' along the route. And there was even a Hello Kitty cake for the kids!
She was also eyeing up the Hello Kitty cakes!
Then we headed for Alun Alun where we sat in the bustling park munching on our snacks, watching the families and kids around us.

The view from the Becak

The view from the Becak
We pottered around a little, but it was so hectic that we were soon done with it all. We took a becak back to the hotel. Even though he was charging us the same price as the taxi fare would have been (should have been cheaper, no?) we carried on with it.

Next up, millionaires drive.

To begin with, we took a wrong turning and were completely bemused when we saw only a department store and a few food stalls. When we figured it out, we were surprised by the refreshingly huge houses, some boutiques and another lovely bakery (also home to a brand only recycle store). We were lucky enough to have fresh lychee juice and some juicy sate, always a treat.

We were finished with Malang. I think we had done just about everything save a beach trip down south, but with Bali ahead of us, maybe it was time to discover Surabaya...


  1. All sounds very exotic. Did you have photos of Millionaires Drive?

  2. Stupidly, no....

    Here's someone who does!