Sunday, September 18, 2011

INDO DIARIES 2010 - Monday 12th July

What a great day! As I write, it is 8pm and we are sat outside playing chess. Thankfully, Radius is beating Ian! Serves him right for always beating me!
sawo - a pear-like fruit
 Radius was kind enough to bring us some fruit to eat. It was really good!

Our schedules have been changing again and again and to be honest, no one seems to know what we are supposed to do here. We booked a month with P wec, you would have thought they could organise our schedule? Maybe not.

We think that the next couple of days is about preparation and then next week, we shall put our plans into action. We will assist with the mobile library on Sunday it seems, and 'teach' next week at the school. Apparently, it is hard to organise the school teaching as most of them are closed over the summer holiday. This seems strange to me as they should have been aware of this at P wec. So, for now, all we can do is get ready.

This morning, we painted the signs with the names of the plants.

Using twigs as paintbrushes, we got quite involved with the task at hand, and it took the lunchtime gong to alert us to our hunger.

Lunch was a treat of quails eggs in a chilli sauce, but I ate too much and went for a 2 hour nap! So lazy!

At 3pm, we all met again to discuss the kid's games for the mobile library. We made a plan of the things that needed to be printed and made up little stories for the Chinese whispers games.

Rosek suddenly appeared. He needed helping moving furniture. They are making more space available for visitors to stay when they come to P wec, such is the popularity (you see, I told you it was about the money.)

It was good to help the staff, they are nice and friendly.

And, so, since dinner, we are just chatting with Radius. He comes from Sumatra and he is telling us about the coffee in Bungkulu, word has spread that Ian and I love our coffee! Sounds like Sumatra is the place for us. He tells us tales of adventures, animals and coffee beans strong enough to keep us awake, even on the laziest of days. 

In my sleep, I planned my tour of Sumatra and its islands.

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