Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Them drumsticks...

It's just day two of the boarding but we are pooped! Last night's dinner, not to mention alcoholic endeavours, may have helped to knock us for six, and I am not even going to mention the boarding.

So, we were served, wait for this, chicken drumsticks on a small bed of pesto pasta! I have to say that I was quite shocked. I mean, I could have done that, although, I can even go so far as to to say that my cooking, as weak as it can be, is still better than that! And I am not really sure when it all went wrong. The starter was nice enough, similar to the night before, it was a mid of three tasty, tiny snippets of food. But then came the drumsticks. One of mine was a bit pink when I bit into it. Enough said.

We caned a fair bit of alcohol at dinner to put up with the noise and disturbance from the new arrivals, a few families and their kids who all knew each other so were gassing away loudly. Basically, the vibe at the lodge was a a bit off. Especially since the arrival of these families, we had noticed that it was like we were intruding, which was rather odd, considering it was an alpine lodge. There was no greeting for the evening or morning,for fear of interrupting a conversation. How strange. I had thought that the drumsticks had been made for the kids, but there were only five of them. Basically it all remained inexplicable.

Today, we woke up relatively wiped. Breakfast was better, but nowhere near enough. Scrambled eggs and a slice of ham with thick semi-sweet bread tasted good, but multiplied by two or three would have really satisfied. So, it is easy to understand that, after a morning up, up high in the beautiful snowy mountains, working our way down with our new boards, we didn't have the super strength to plough on through the day. We went back to get Elbi and realised, that, even after a good lunch inside us, (we were, and still are on the hunt for the mountain spaghetti Bol!) we weren't up for any more boarding. Amusing. We made plans for some sulphuric onsen water to soothe our aches and general chilling at home.
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